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4337 4th Ave., Niagara Falls


Welcome to the Niagara Kung Fu Academy

Guaranteed to boost confidence, discipline, and focus for you and your family in an exciting class that you will love!

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At Niagara Kung Fu Academy our goal is the personal growth of every student. We are dedicated to offering YOU a life-changing experience.

You will always feel welcome when arriving for class because the instructor's aim is to help you, NOT intimidate you. The current student body of the school helps to maintain a friendly, non-egotistical environment to make you feel at ease during your training so you can focus on improving your health, confidence, fitness, lifestyle, and the ability to defend yourself to a high degree.

"I have only just joined at NKFA, and so far my experience has been nothing but pleasant. I originally went in to sign up my eldest minion only to end up signing up myself, starting with two introductory lessons, and now my first class. Even at moments when I was lost, there was always someone available encouraging with their fist times and tips. I am so happy I made this choice, as it is a promise to myself to a healthier and happier lifestyle for myself and my family. Def recommend!"

-Jessica Lee, Welland

"Niagara Kung Fu Academy classes are our children favorite after school activity. The instructors are very professional and very talented. Our children have practiced all kind of sports before but Kung Fu has enhanced not only their strength but the importance of hard work and respect. Even their school teachers have noticed a progress on their listening and concentration in the classroom. If your are a parent and want the best for your children, Niagara Kung Fu Academy could be what you have been looking for."

-Leo Valdivia, Niagara Falls

“Enrolling in Niagara Kung Fu Academy has been an amazing experience. As a person suffering from an anxiety disorder I was very apprehensive about joining. But my fears were for naught as this place is simply filled with support and positivity! There is never any pressure or judgement. The classes are so fun and the instructors all have a great sense of humor!  In the short time I have been enrolled I have noticed my Coordination is getting better, my confidence is starting to improve, I am getting in better shape both physically and mentally and I always have fun! The [master] instructor ( Sifu ) helps you set and achieve the goals you are trying to reach. And on top of all this you are learning great self defence! I can't think of any other place that offers so much.”

-Jamie Bertrand, St. Catharines


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