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Black Sashes Take The Stairs!

Uncategorized Feb 11, 2019

Put principles like this into action in a way that will improve your fitness, focus, confidence, and discipline in an environment of awesome friendly people...

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SImple; Useful: Chambering your hands

Uncategorized Feb 06, 2019

I wanted to write about something amazingly simple but very useful that with your overall physical health as well as your mental health and your confidence.

It’s kind of funny how simple it is, but as my teacher Grand Master Philipman Chow says simple; useful.

I’m talking about Chambering; a very basic position in martial arts that often gets overlooked because there’s nothing too glamorous or fancy about it.

I was reminded about this whole lesson actually by one of my students, who’s a great massage therapist and they were teaching some of their clients to chamber their hands like we do in Kung Fu to help with their posture and it helped them a lot because they’re typically hunched over all the time like a lot of us are. Our shoulders are getting rounded out and our neck is arching forward from sitting at a desk so much. Now, this obviously has negative physical effects, but one thing we don’t think about enough is the effect it has on us...

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Develop Rock-Solid Discipline in your kids

Uncategorized Feb 05, 2019

The 4 Essential Steps to Mastering Discipline (hint: NOT just for martial artists :-)   )


Often times we have parents bring their kids in to try martial arts because they want them to have discipline. They usually know someone who currently has their child in our program and has seen amazing improvements and they wonder what made all the difference.  They say “wow, he’s so well behaved now… what changed?” and the enrolled parent will say “Martial Arts”...and that’ll be the end of it.

This leads to the illusion that martial arts will automatically teach discipline. You put them in; a disciplined kid comes out. Unfortunately it’s not that simple. It’s a community approach. Often people mistakenly claim martial arts just happens to teach discipline. This is not always the case. Not all martial arts are equal, some have different focuses, but many instructors and enthusiasts just blurt out...

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Dads Discover Incredible Parenting App

Uncategorized Feb 04, 2019

we call it Kung Fu with your Kid :-)

 ...accept it's not on your phone.... and it's not actually an app at all :-)


6 Reasons why Martial Arts WITH your kid is the Best Thing you could do for your Family

 The Most Enjoyable Exercise You Could Imagine

Think about when you go the gym. Find your station, plug in your headphones, stick your tablet in front of you, or watch the TV. You're pretty much trying to drown out the experience, get it over with and just get the physical benefits. Imagine if you could get a work out and not even notice because the whole time you're witnessing your child overcome obstacles, become more confident, more disciplined, more focused. The time would fly by, and you'd be loving every minute of it, instead of drowning it out.


Leading by example: 

Children learn from what we do, not from what we say. For example; children who do well academically often have parents who read casually...

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Rule #1 - Be Nice

Uncategorized Oct 03, 2018

Rule #1

 Being nice is about showing respect. We teach young students that respect is treating others the way you would like to be treated. How do we earn respect? By first showing others respect. People fear that people don’t listen or don’t understand them, so they yell louder, or speak more harshly, but that doesn’t fix anything. The reason people don’t hear you, regardless of your argument and how true it is, is because they don’t respect you. You can speak the absolute truest truth ever, but if the receiver doesn’t respect you it will likely be met with resistance or fall on deaf ears. How does one earn respect? By acting respectfully, by first showing respect; starting with being nice. This is sometimes misinterpreted as putting on a fake smile. I didn’t say that; I didn’t say fake nice. The rule is be nice. Lying to pretend your nice is not the same as being nice. How can you separate the two? Simple; think back to what you...

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NKFA's Black Sash Values

Uncategorized Sep 24, 2018

First of all, WHAT IS A VALUE?
When an action reaps a desired consequence, a value is born. For instance, you notice that telling the truth causes people to trust you and has a positive effect on your friendships. This value of “honesty” then becomes important to you, because it carries “value” for you. That is why values are called values.
Values are different than morals. Morals tell us WHAT to do. Our morals are our standards of behavior, or what we perceive to be right or wrong. Values on the other hand, are tools to see HOW our actions can have positive or
negative consequences. Our values can help us shape our moral codes, and constantly evaluate them to see if they are causing more harm or more good.

Take honesty for example, a common value. If you value honesty, you use it, whether it is easy or difficult. But what about a situation where honesty can put someone’s life in danger? Say an enraged serial killer asks where to find someone. Will...

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Why train to Black Sash & Beyond?

Uncategorized Jul 12, 2018

Imagine you were attending Harvard Law. You wouldn’t
be humming and hawing from midterm to midterm,
whether or not you were going to follow through to get
your Bachelor’s or Master’s degree.
Getting to Black Belt is no different. You begin with the
end in mind. People start kung fu because they want to
be confident, focused, and disciplined. They want to be
physically and mentally fit. As soon as you start seeing
progress, now you decide if you want to continue to reap
those benefits for yourself or for your child, and if you
want those changes to become permanent. Anyone would
agree that it is foolish to believe that permanent positive
change can come from only a couple months of practice.
Quick fix simply doesn’t work for character building;

Real, life-long change takes long-term commitment and

a clear, challenging goal. Once a person, adult or child,
has committed himself or herself to the pursuit of Black,
it changes the mind, leaving a new electrical pathway in

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