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Niagara Kung Fu Academy's Kids Martial Arts program places emphasis not only on discipline, respect and self defense, but also encourages children to learn through fun and enjoyment of the art. At Niagara Kung Fu Academy, we realize that Kung Fu is not just about kicking and punching, but about building confidence and life skills that will benefit in every day living.

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The results from our Kids Martial Arts program are reflected in the children - internally in the growth and personal development, and externally in the form of many state and national representatives in competition. We also reinforce values you will be teaching your children at home, including important issues such as self respect, how to avoid and deal with bullying, and when to use their Kung Fu for self defense.

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"Love the positive atmosphere and seeing the renewed discipline in my children since they have been attending these classes. The amount of leadership displayed and taught by the instructors and members is almost unheard of any where in our society."

-Brian Cameron, St. Catharines

The Best in Child Fitness and Self Defence

From giving your kids an amazing, muscle-building workout to helping them learn critical self-defense skills that no child should be without, you'll love everything that the Kids Martial Arts classes at Niagara Kung Fu Academy have to offer your children.

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"The instructors are great and very friendly and helpful! Both my son and myself enjoy our lessons."

-Laura Tonin, Niagara Fall

Building Strong Families

As your kids learn the martial arts at Niagara Kung Fu Academy, they'll enjoy a wide range of benefits that our classes have to offer. Here are just a few:

  • Better behavior as your kids release pent-up energy
  • Improved listening and concentration skills that lead to better grades in school
  • Stronger muscles and cardiovascular function that leads to improved health
  • Superior coordination, flexibility and balance
  • Leadership skills that set your kid apart from the crowd
  • Anti-bully self-defense techniques for handling peer pressure and tough situations

"Excellent staff and fellow students. Classes fun. Highly recommend"    -Kim Reid-Tavano, Niagara Falls

When it comes to giving your kids a great activity, you just can’t beat the Kids Martial Arts classes at Niagara Kung Fu Academy. We’ll work with your kids to reveal their inner champions for a positive impact you’re guaranteed to love!

"Niagara Kung Fu Academy is a great family enviroment! Great place learn self confidence and better yourself physically and mentally! Awesome instuctors and made some cool friends!"

-Jason Gaudet, Thorold

Family Kung Fu Class Schedule

As a full time martial art school, Niagara Kung Fu Academy has a wide range of classes available to fit your hectic schedule. Class times will vary depending on the number of family members and their skill and fitness levels. Every student is assessed privately and confidentially by a Professional Black Belt Instructor to find the best class to fit their needs and schedule. Click below to book your free consultation and get a 2 weeks of classes for FREE!

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"Sebby had trouble at school with focusing and with peers. It was hard for him to refocus when he was distracted. Now he pays more attention, his motor skills are better...he's doing very very well according to the teachers and at home as well. We want to thank the Niagara Kung Fu Academy."
Kathya Potvin, Niagara Falls


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